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Blue Purple Vail LLC is a Fort Lauderdale, Florida based integrated events management and allied services company in the United States. We produce innovative sporting, entertainment, and tourism events in conjunction with both private and government entities in the State of Florida.

Annual Events

Broward Senior Games

A 10-sport older adults series sanctioned as a qualifier for the Florida Senior Games.

Miami-Dade Senior Games

A 3-sport older adults classic series sanctioned by national and regional sports governing bodies.

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Coming in 2023

Special Events

International Soccer Events

National-team-level soccer camps, tournaments, and stand-alone games (with primary focus on the women's game).

International Soccer Events

International Music Events

Featuring independently or collaboratively-produced exotic music acts.

Coming in 2023

Packaged South Florida Tours

Sport travel and hospitality packaged tours focused on scheduled South-Florida based sporting events. Specialty architectural tours focused on South Florida's Hurricane and Afro-Caribbean cultural heritages.

Coming in 2023

Allied Services

BPV EXOTICA USA BRAND - Fashion Show, Apparel Retailing, Beauty Products

Fashion and beauty label showcasing annually as a dedicated platform for emerging Third-World fashion designers at the Fort Lauderdale Fashion Week.

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